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Curtis!  Wow!!!!  We love the pictures!  You are an amazing photographer!  We can't thank you enough!  Thanks to you we will have a nice family picture for our Christmas card this year.

Cathy H




Big thanks to Curtis Matthews Photography for capturing these moments of Baby Larry with his Birthday #1 photo shoot I love every picture!!! Your work is so detailed and precise, vibrant colors!!!

You will be seeing us again!!! I recommend Curtis Matthews Photography for anyone who is inquiring about a photo shoot!!!!

Katina B




As always it is a pleasure working with you as you help families capture priceless moments in an endearing way. Your visions, attention to detail, patience, meticulous style set you apart from "other photographers. This is indeed a "Priceless Moment"!

Sharon P




Curtis, we *LOVED* the pictures and have looked at each like 500 times!. Thanks again for spending the time with us...what a beautiful memory you are leaving us with. We already have big plans to show them off to our family and friends. You certainly have the passion, patience and attention to detail that makes you a great professional photographer.

David T




Curtis, you have once again captured those one of a kind shots. MaShantee's photos are absolutely astounding. I love and applaud your work ethics, professionalism, attention to detail, client requests, and more important, your vision planning. Looking forward to working with you on upcoming sessions! You are simply, "the best"!

Sharon P / MaShantee P




We all know it's all about the photographer and you are great!

Avis C




Thanks Curtis for taking our pictures.  They turned out awesome! 

Paul D




Curtis these pictures are really nice.  You did a great job.  I like how you captured the natural background in the pictures.  Thanks again!

Tayo O




Curtis, We love them!  You did such a good job!  Thank you so much!!!  We used this picture in Kylie's graduation announcements!  We loved it!

Laura C / Kylie C




The photos are incredible!!!  Curtis, I can't thank you enough for photographing my sweet little man on his special day!!!! 

Jessica B




THANK YOU once again!!!  On behalf of my family and I, we were thrilled with the way the pictures turned out and are so thankful you were able to capture all of us on such short notice.  We have received so many compliments on the photos already, and would love to work with you again in the future when we get the whole gang back together.  Our pictures turned out just the way I envisioned them...thank you, thank you, thank you.  Also, thank you for your patience with all the kids.  It was a pleasure working with you.

Melanie P




Curtis Matthews Photography your work is phenomenal; and your branding is what differentiates you from "other" photographers. These are one of a kind shots that captures her beauty, innocence, and extroverted personality. Again, thank you for creating and bringing the vision to life. Can't wait for the next session.

Sharon P / Marquisia Y




I love them!!!!!  Thank you so much.

Richelle S




Thank you so much, Curtis!  These look great!  So happy to get them.  We’ve gotten a lot of compliments on our Christmas pic, thanks to you. 

Sharon M




Curtis, These are great! Thank you for sending through. It was fun to look at last night!!! Thank you again for all your work…you really captured the day and it looks as fun as I remember.  I’ve actually already given your name to someone….I will continue to refer you. We only have good things to say. Thanks again!!

Holly N


Hamilton G




With summer drawing to a close, I already miss the beach.  Luckily, our friend, Curtis, @ took these awesome pictures.  Please go check out his work, and if you are in the Houston area especially get in touch with him.  Let him tell you about our trip to St. Thomas.  What a talent!  Check out his other albums as well.  Anyone can take a picture, but Curtis literally captures the emotion into the photograph!  These are our memories, check out his website and shoot him a message.  Let him help craft your vision into a reality that lasts.. Thank you Curtis Matthews!!

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